Welcome, Christiana Care Diabetes Update participants!

Welcome, Christiana Care Diabetes Update participants!

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2017-03-11 Taste of MI – Christiana

Some videos to give you a sense of what “a¬†collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person‚Äôs own motivation and commitment for change” might look like in practice. Notice the balance of talking, listening, and informing in these examples, and the ways in which the provider incorporates the “spirit” of compassion, acceptance, partnership, and evocation.

First, a physician ineffectively counsels the patient on smoking cessation:

And then, a more MI-consistent brief intervention:


More examples may be found here: MerloLab Youtube videos

Some of my old blog posts linking to examples of MI and related approaches in practice:

Motivational Interviewing is a Team Sport in Primary Care (diabetes-specific content)

MI-style “agenda matching” in the real world